Sugata Akiko | Buddhist name “Sugata” means well-gone to Nibbāna.

I was born in Osaka and grew up in Hiroshima, Japan. While studying psychology at university, I continued to inquire into spirituality. Now I am mainly involved in face-to-face mental counseling with young people at public institutions and educational facilities.

I have become familiar with Jungian psychology, and learned various meditations and healing methods. My first meditation teachers were Japanese esoteric Buddhist.

My macrobiotic friends recommended Vipassana meditation, which enabled me to achieve awareness of myself in a natural and peaceful state. These days I also enjoy the zazen (Zen sitting meditation) taught by Issho Fujita at Chizanso in Hayama, Japan.

I love to swim with wild dolphins and whales, and I had a deepened interaction with them mainly in Hawaii. When I visited Maui to swim with humpback whales, I met Gangaji. It was then that I learned of the teaching of Sri Ramana Maharshi. Awareness of natural consciousness came to me from within, and my self-inquiry was over.

I also like to visit sustainable communities, including Findhorn in Scotland, Damanhur in Italy, Aurovill in India, Crystal Waters in Australia and Rainbow Valley Farm in New Zealand as a WWOOFer (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms).

I arrange open gatherings on full moons at my living room in Kobe surrounded by the sea and mountains. The circle runs on donations and has obtained the agreement of his ashram.

“Who am I?” The circle is open for those who want to sincerely reflect on the deepest inquiry, those who want to meet themselves, and all friends who explore inner being.

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